Women’s Self Defense

Women’s self-defense is a situational based Adrenaline and Stress Preparation Training course and is utilized as a full force self-defense program. Stephen Mullaney has learned and derived these proven techniques from multiple martial art disciplines that are used for specific violent crimes scenarios and situations are derived from interviews with survivors and various law enforcement agencies and specialist.  

The basic principles of self-defense: 

  • Overcoming the “fight or flight” emotion 
  • Viable options 
  • Preparation 
  • Awareness 
  • Application  

I apply the knowledge obtained from predators into live fighting strategies and tactics to include vocalization, aggression, boundary setting, verbal negotiation, identification of predators weaknesses. 
You will be shown how to use weaknesses and strengths for counter attacks and the selection/application process used through self-evaluation, realistic skill development during realistic attack/rape defense scenarios.