Kim Kehoe

To help and motivate clients to achieve their fitness goals and adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Dennis O'Sullivan

Help clients not only reach their goals but to sustain them. Provide a knowledgeable training as well body altering results

Orlando Vasquez


Help individuals transform themselves to reach higher levels of physical fitness in order to lead healthier lives.

Oscar Plonka

To help clients age with grace and keep them stronger, faster, healthier, and better. I WILL TRANSFORM YOU.

Ralph Barbato

To provide quality, safe and effective personal training programs to clients looking to reach their fitness goals.

Ryan Aquafredda

My goal as a personal trainer is to pass on my love and passion for fitness to other and help my clients reach their goals.

Joshua Contreras

In order to have things you’ve never had, you must do things you’ve never done.
Positive energy promotes positive vibes and promotes positive change.

Lauren Rodriguez

To help people achieve a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. To encourage and support clients through their fitness journey.

Annette Matos

My goal is to help you develop into a healthier, happier you. I train with a focus on functional fitness for better flexibility, strength, endurance and agility. Training sessions are progressive in style. 

Michael Musco

When you look good you'll feel good and when you feel good you'll do good!

Stephen Mullaney

Teach proper technique and nutrition to all and help change the negative stigma and thought process on fitness and Body Image.

Raymond Gise

My goal as a trainer is to see my clients progress within physical health.

Charlie Guthrie

Dedicated to put together a workout plan that specifically meets your needs, whether it's weight loss, getting stronger or looking to improve for your sport.

Lehr Wiener

To help all my clients reach their fitness goals. Also to help teach woman how fitness can better their lives and instill them with more confidence than ever before.

Maria Genovese

To encourage, guide and motivate people on beginning their fitness journey. I want to help them to adapt a healthy positive lifestyle and watch them progress with their fitness goals.

Matty Auslander

My goal is helping you create the body you were meant to have. I believe that strength training could and should be used as a foundation in any fitness realm you decide to partake in. Whether it be general fitness, health related concerns, Bodybuilding, Power-lifting etc. I will be there to help guide you in the right direction and make exercise something you want to do and not have to do.