Team Sports Training

Young Athletes do not perform well on the playing field without a foundation of strength. No matter how many times you run or learn running techniques you don’t get fast by being weak.  This program develops all levels of strength and conditioning in Athletes.  To be a beast on the field, you need to be a beast in the gym and that happens in this lifting program. Equipment used in this program include: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, trap bars, sleds, battle ropes, sandbags, slam balls, medicine balls, fitness bands, and much more. Full Teams or small groups are welcomed. 

 All Programs Include  

  • Caloric Intake 
  • Fitness Assessment every 5 weeks 
  • Before and after photos 
  • Customized Training Program 
  • Customized Cardio Program 
  • Dot Fit login which includes 
  • My fitness pal to monitor caloric intake 
  • Fit bit integration to monitor energy expenditure  
  • Exercise library (over 6000 illustrated exercises)   
  • Supplement recommendation and store   

Programs Plans can range from a 1 Month plan to a 12-month customized program. Based on Sports specific needs for each team and individual

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