Small Group Training

Small Group Training: Workout in a group from 3-10 members under the guidance of a certified trainer. Engage in an atmosphere like no other, classes will be less individualized but this is one of the most cost efficient packages when it comes to personal training  

This service is a group of 3 or more people training together. This training session duration is 45 minutes. This program is more of a class type environment with customization and modification of each individual member in the training session based on each of the client’s goals, lifestyle, medical, and the results of the fitness evaluation performed by the fitness professional.   

All Programs Include  

  • Caloric Intake 
  • Fitness Assessment every 5 weeks 
  • Before and after photos 
  • Customized Training Program 
  • Customized Cardio Program 
  • Dot Fit login which includes 
  • My fitness pal to monitor caloric intake 
  • Fit bit integration to monitor energy expenditure  
  • Exercise library (over 6000 illustrated exercises)   
  • Supplement recommendation and store   

Programs Plans can range from a 1 Month startup package to a 12-month customized program. We also offer a GROUP X UNLIMITED Program (up to 32 classes per month). All programs are bases on an individual’s lifestyle, goals, and performance of their evaluation 

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