My training sessions with Orlando are very motivating and beneficial, not just for my body, but also for my mind. Orlando also encourages me and challenges me.

- Wendy - Staten Island, NY

I have been fortunate enough to have Orlando as my personal trainer for over two years, and just signed on for another 12 months! Orlando’s ability to motivate and inspire me every session we have, always makes me want to push myself to the max. He is present, he is extremely knowledgeable and he is on my side, and I feel that from him. His passion for what he is doing is contagious and has helped me live a healthier lifestyle. He is truly the epitome of what a trainer should be!

- Jennifer- Staten Island, NY

Just a quick note to let you know that Ryan Aquafredda is the kindest and most understanding trainer. He has helped my brother feel so much better both physically and mentally. His outstanding ability to perform the duties of a trainer is only surpassed by his complete understanding of human nature and uplifting disposition. Nothing is too much for him; be it to assist my brother achieve a physical goal or lend his personal time to listen and respond to him. He has made my brother, who suffers from both physical and mental disabilities feel wonderful every single time they have a session. It is incredible that someone so young can be so very mature and sensitive. You are most fortunate to have someone like him working for you as young men like him are few and far between! He is a tribute to both his family as well as your business!

- Ruth Naiman-d'AugusteRuth Naiman-d'Auguste

I have been a client of Dennis O’Sullivan’s for almost two years. Prior to that I was the ultimate couch potato and had been intimidated by gyms, no more! Working with Dennis has really turned things around for me. I feel stronger, fitter, and am no longer the couch potato. Dennis is the ultimate professional and knows my strengths and weaknesses and tailors our sessions accordingly. I have nothing but high praise for him and look forward to continuing our partnership.

- Cheryl M

I enlisted the help of Breakthrough Fitness and trainer Dennis to help me regain strength and return to playing soccer after having ACL surgery. Dennis created challenging sessions that focused not only on my strengthening my knee and the muscles around it but to get the rest of my body strong and fit. After a few months I felt confident enough to get back on the field focused and game ready. I continue to train with him and enjoy the various workouts he uses to test my ability and strength which benefit me immensely.

- Jenn M

Today was my last training session with Maria Genovese of Breakthrough Fitness, who over the past 11 months worked with me and pushed me to reach my fitness goals. She has given me the tools I need to continue to train on my own, and I will be forever grateful for our time together. She is a consummate professional, she is patient, and always made me feel comfortable, and I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.

- Lynn Decker

Breakthrough Fitness,

      This September will be 3 years since I first met Ralph (the Barbarian) and started training with him. In that time, he has become so much more than just my trainer. He is a Motivator, Nutritionist, Event Organizer, Cheerleader, Taskmaster, Leader and a “True Friend”.  

         It all started in 2013. I had been talking with my girlfriend, Courtney about doing a Spartan race. I saw photos of her from the Spartan Super that she completed in Sept. 2011 on Staten island and told her it looked like something fun we could do together. She said that we needed to find a gym and start training. After several months of procrastination on my part she finally took the bull by the horns and called Ralph and told him that we were interested in checking out his class. I asked her how she knew him. She told me that back in 2011 she saw an ad in the SI Advance for Spartan training that was run by Ralph on Sunday nights for a few weeks. She told me that she liked Ralph and his training style. We went for the trial class on a Thursday night and the workout kicked my ass, but I Iiked it. It was 45 minutes of strength and cardio which left me spent at the end but also feeling a sense of accomplishment. We left and Courtney turned to me and asked if I liked it. I told her yeah and she asked if I would come back and I told her definitely. On the ride home she told me that she was watching me during the class and thought that I was going to leave in the middle. Shortly after that we signed up and have been going strong ever since. The reason that I tell the story is because I enjoy relating how I came to train with Ralph and hearing other people’s stories. The tales are varied and interesting but the real magic is how Ralph has brought this group of people together and formed a Team that is more than just gym buddies. It has become a true family with BBQs, outings, Birthday celebrations, caring and friendships an all that comes with it.


        The training is just what I need and want. Cardio and strength. Ralph keeps us moving through the workout with few breaks which increases our cardio. We’re able to get stronger and increase our aerobic conditioning. I don’t know how he does it but the workouts are still fresh, new and challenging, it never gets old.

He explains the movements quickly so it doesn’t burn up class time always stressing form and what can happen if we don’t use correct form. I and so many others absolutely love the Spartan training that he occasionally does on Sunday nights. He knows just what we need to work on for the races, hip flexors for the inclines going up the mountains, aerobic training and he even has buckets of sand for the bucket brigade. Speaking of Races, Ralph is always keeping us motivated and focused. A big part is the pride he takes in our accomplishments, being at the finish line, which for the Spartan Beast meant waiting for 8-9 hours for us all to finish. He also posts on FB and Instagram all our photos with motivational words. I’ll say that the last few races with so many of us 16 I believe earning our Trifectas he is over the moon. This really is his passion not just a job. A side note when we’re on the coarse with our Team Barbarian race shirts we always get noticed by other racers and volunteers with cries of Go TB or here’s another TB. It’s awesome. Ralph also realizes that a good amount of the students, myself included are in our 40s, 50s and even 60s and can’t physically do what younger people can. If there are exercises that we are unable to do because of a physical issue he gives us alternate ones which are just as effective. 

      Ralph has also helped with my diet and dieting “Clean”. He had a weight loss challenge and back in 2015 and gave an eating plan to go with it. Well I came in 3rd which was awesome (even got a medal, which hangs next to my Spartan Medals). The important thing is that I took some great eating tips which I still follow. 

      Lastly, I’ll say this me and Courtney have to travel 20-30 minutes from the north Shore of SI to train at Intoxx. Also, the price for a month which only included 8 classes per month and only at night was not cheap. So, I consider it a testament to Ralph and his ability and dedication that he has so many loyal students and continues to attract new ones. He is a True Leader and I’m indebted to him for giving me a blueprint for the most important thing my health.       

Mark Defazio


- Mark Defazio