One On One Training

One-on One Training:  With One on One Personal Training you receive the most in depth and personalized programs when it comes to weight loss, nutrition and strength training. Helps beginning members be more comfortable and more confident performing new skills. Will also push an athlete further in their regimen and help obtain hard to reach goals 

 We offer 30.45, and 60-minute training session.  Program is customized based on the client’s goals, lifestyle, medical, and the results of the fitness evaluation performed by the fitness professional.  

All Programs Include  

  • Caloric Intake 
  • Fitness Assessment every 5 weeks 
  • Before and after photos 
  • Customized Training Program 
  • Customized Cardio Program 
  • Dot Fit login which includes 
  • My fitness pal to monitor caloric intake 
  • Fit bit integration to monitor energy expenditure  
  • Exercise library (over 6000 illustrated exercises)   
  • Supplement recommendation and store   

Programs can range from a 4-session startup package up to a 12 month customized program. All programs are bases on an individual’s lifestyle, goals, and performance of their evaluation 

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