Flab to Fab Contest

A Staten Island Original since 2008, this program mimics the TV Show, “The Biggest Loser”. It’s a weight loss contest where prizes are awarded at the end of the 3-month time frame. Members train twice per week with a Trainer and to ensure success, members document their daily food intake for the trainers to review and recommend nutrition strategies.  The 2017 Program Winner lost 65 lbs. The program has an outstanding track record of weight loss. 


We are starting up for the 10 years in a row a group training session called Flab 2 Fab. This is a weight loss contest/Transformation challenge similar to the Television show “the biggest looser”. 

The way the contest works:

  1. The contest is based off the percentage of weight loss
  2. The highest percentage of weight loss will win prize such as free training sessions, cash,     trophies etc.
  3. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards

 The awards are as follows:

  • 1st place will receive $100 cash and a trophy, along with 6 free group training sessions
  • 2nd place will receive a runner up medal and 4 free group personal training sessions.
  • 3rd place will receive a runner up medal and 2 free group personal training sessions

Late Registration for this program is Saturday February 17th at 12pm @ Intoxx fitness in Tottenville.

The following activities will take place

  1. Weigh in
  2. Body Fat Analysis
  3. Body Measurments
  4. Payment Rendered

Training sessions are held every Monday and Wednesday starting FEBRUARY 19th at 8pm exclusively at Intoxx in Tottenville. Each session is about 45 min to 1 hour! Contest is scheduled to end Wednesday May 23rd!

Now what you have been wondering this whole time reading the email lol how much right. We always want to know how much, so here is the best part!

3 month agreement at $150 a month (total $450) But if paid in full you will save $25! total ($425) Now if you don’t want to do this alone or have a friend or family member who is interested we have something special for that! That person pays $100 dollars a month for 3 months!

This Contest is a 3 Month customized program based on guiding people to healthier Lifestyle and complete transformation. 

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