Six Weeks Transformation Challenge

New Year, New You!

Your clothes are feeling tight. Every joint in your body hurts. The only thing keeping you awake is coffee. You just don’t feel like YOU anymore.

Any of this sound familiar?

You aren’t alone. Nearly 70% of Americans are dealing with similar issues right now.

The solution is simple, right? Start working out and eat a healthier diet. It sounds simple, but where do you begin?

That’s where I step in.

My name is Mike Richards. I have devoted the last 10 years to helping transform people just like you. It’s been my goal since day 1 to help change as many lives as I possibly can.


I have been working on a group training system that is designed to take anyone of any fitness level and help them reach their goals. It doesn’t matter if you have been working out for years or if you haven’t ever stepped foot into a gym. This program is right for you.

Burn massive amounts of fat. Build strong lean muscle. Gain freedom from aches and pain. Feel more energetic. WIN PRIZES.

Wait.. what? Prizes?

Here’s the deal. I figured out a way where I can get my clients even FASTER results… and it has NOTHING to do with science.

Say what?!

It’s actually all about human psychology…

See, what I figured out was when I train my client in a group setting they actually workout harder. (human nature is to compete I guess)

So then I got to thinking and decided that if I can put together a body transformation challenge where I can train my clients in a group, for a period of time (six weeks), and give the person with the best transformation a prize (like one of the latest iPads) then you’d really see amazing results!

Makes sense, right?

My group training system + a body transformation challenge = RESULTS.

I’m launching this Six Week Body Transformation Challenge in about 4 weeks. I’m only going to take on 18 participants so that I can give every participant plenty of attention.

And at the end of the six week transformation challenge I’m giving the winner a new iPad (actually everyone will win since there’s going to be a LOT of inches and pounds lost).

So if you are interested in dropping 5-8 inches off your waist in the next 6 weeks (plus a pile of weight) then send me an email and I will put you on the “action taker” list and reserve your spot.

These action takers will get email notification of the program launch date BEFORE my normal list.

Email me now to get on the priority list!

On the fence? No problem! Give me a call we can talk more about why this program is right for you.